California hockey alumni report

My latest alumni report on California hockey players is posted on

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Among the highlights:

California players – particularly Vancouver defenseman Jonathon Blum and Kelowna center Colin Long – continue to dominate in the WHL. And those two and others, such as Spokane’s Mitch Wahl, Kamloops’ CJ Stretch and Everett’s Shane Harper, have some company. Rookie Tyler Maxwell is scoring at almost a point-per-game clip.

Bobby Ryan’s return to the NHL has been very solid, and read how Richard Park helped sink the Canadiens.

Matt Ford got his first AHL goal last week.

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Respect the Room

The locker room, that is.

There are several rules of “respecting the room.”

It’s true the that the sports locker room has Vegas-like qualities – what happens there, stays there. And nowhere is that truer than hockey, where teams’ inner sanctums are considered sacred territory. Whether it’s a college hockey locker room or an NHL room, the principal remains the same.

A second rule is followed to the letter, usually a “C” or an “A”. When one of the team’s captains speaks, everyone listens. More than any other sport, the captaincy is serious business in hockey. That’s reflected in the real estate they occupy – usually in the middle of a row of locker stalls. In hockey it’s not about prominence, it’s about influence.

A third rule is there is no hiding. Perhaps this is why the stalls face each other – accountability. A premium is placed on it, and there are few better measures of it than eye contact.

One more rule. DO NOT step on the logo in the middle of the carpet in the room.